KENZO Continues to Bridge Paris and Tokyo’s Cultural Connection with Latest Collection

KENZO Continues to Bridge Paris and Tokyo’s Cultural Connection with Latest Collection

NTK NIGO made a captivating appearance at the Bibliothèque Nationale to unveil his latest Fall-Winter 2024 collection. In the past, NIGO has emphasized KENZO’s commitment to connecting various cultural references to create visually arresting ensembles.

Staying true to the brand’s mission of linking Paris and Tokyo through its collections, NIGO embarked on a fascinating transformation, taking traditional tatami mat patterns and transposing them onto outerwear. This daring fusion of Eastern heritage with Western fashion aesthetics resulted in a striking blend of styles. The tatami-inspired patterns, once associated with Japanese interiors, found new life on coats, creating a harmonious juxtaposition of tradition and modernity. NIGO also introduced his own rendition of the karakusa motif, a popular design seen on packaging materials across Asia. These intricate patterns breathed fresh air into the collection, adding depth and cultural richness.

The fabric showcased adventurous patterns, rugged coats, shearling gloves, aviator goggles, and structured denim workwear garments. The collection exuded a sense of exploration and rugged elegance. Each piece seemed like a passport to an exciting journey, with aviator goggles hinting at an adventurous spirit and shearling gloves providing both warmth and style.

Drawing inspiration from school uniforms, practical uncollared blazers in bold red and forest green with golden buttons were introduced. These blazers paid homage to academic attire while adding a contemporary twist. They embodied the fusion of formal and casual elements, a hallmark of KENZO’s approach to fashion.

The collection also introduced women’s attire, leaning towards a more traditional concept of femininity. From snug rib-knit short dresses accentuating the hips to leather waist belts cinching the waist, the collection celebrated the female form. Sweet neckline trims and thoughtful details highlighted feminine body parts. It was a testament to KENZO’s versatility, showcasing the brand’s ability to transition effortlessly between different style aesthetics.

KENZO-branded padded jackets and letterman jackets also made their prominent appearances in this collection. These iconic pieces carried the brand’s legacy, serving as a reminder of KENZO’s continued commitment to innovation and style evolution.

In this sartorial journey, KENZO continues to intertwine the threads of Parisian and Tokyoite cultures, weaving together a tapestry that captivates the imagination and pays homage to a rich tapestry of references. NIGO’s ability to infuse traditional patterns with contemporary fashion elements is a testament to the brand’s vision of connecting the past, present, and future through clothing, creating a unique cultural bridge between two vibrant cities.


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