Custom Embroidered Roman Numeral Hoodie


Custom Embroidered Roman Numeral Hoodie


Custom Embroidered Roman Numeral Hoodie • Personalized Couples Gift • Cotton Anniversary Gift • Wedding Gift • Custom Date & Initial Hoodie


Presenting our Custom Embroidered Roman Numeral Hoodie, a unique and personalized couples gift for various occasions. This cozy hoodie is designed with attention to detail, offering a meaningful way to commemorate special moments in your relationship.

How to Order:

  • Choose the hoodie style, size, and color that suits your preferences.
  • Add the selected hoodie to your cart for a straightforward ordering process.

Description: This Custom Embroidered Roman Numeral Hoodie features a stylish design with Roman numerals embroidered on the front, allowing you to customize it with a significant date, such as your wedding anniversary or another special milestone. The left sleeve is adorned with a personalized initial and heart design, adding a touch of uniqueness to the hoodie.

Design Details:

  • 2-location design: Roman numerals on the front and a personalized initial & heart design on the left sleeve.
  • Roman numerals can represent a memorable date, making the hoodie a sentimental and meaningful gift.


  • Perfect for anniversaries, bachelorette parties, Valentine’s Day, or any occasion where you want to celebrate your special bond.

Customization Options:

  • Choose your preferred color and size.
  • Provide the significant date for the Roman numerals, making each hoodie a unique and customized piece.

Surprise your loved one with this thoughtful and personalized couple’s hoodie, creating a lasting memory of your special moments together. Each hoodie is made to order, ensuring that it meets your exact specifications and preferences.

Make your gift extra special by personalizing it with the colors, size, and Roman numerals that hold significance for you and your partner. Cherish and celebrate your unique love story with our Custom Embroidered Roman Numeral Hoodie! 💑✨


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