Month: December 2023

Karl Lagerfeld – From Ordinary Life to Extravagant Cathedral

Karl Lagerfeld embodies contradictions, from a fashion style dominated by black and white to his personal life and illustrious career. In September 2022, Vogue announced “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty” as the theme for the 2023 Met Gala, held on May 1, 2023, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, honoring the

A Distinctive Asian Touch in the Haute Couture Universe

While the presence of Asian faces in the Haute Couture arena has historically been limited, a new generation of ambitious and young Asian designers is reshaping the narrative. Dating back to 1868, Haute Couture remains a legally protected heritage, exclusively certified for a select few designers with ateliers in Paris. The unique value of a

Slow Fashion – Dressing “Slow” for Beauty and Comfort

Is slow fashion a challenging and short-lived trend? This article will guide you on how to embrace “slow” fashion in a simple and stylish way. Things you should know about slow fashion before incorporating them into your wardrobe | Source: Pinterest Amid the myriad environmental and ethical concerns raised by fast fashion, slow fashion is

5 Concepts to Help You Step Gently into ‘Quiet Luxury

An understated opulence is becoming the sought-after trait for many. Beyond the ostentatious display of wealth, “quiet luxury” holds more allure than we might imagine. For aficionados of high-end fashion, the purpose can be loosely divided into two: serving personal aesthetics and fulfilling the demands of social communication and status. Nowadays, the wealthy seem to

Powerful Dressing – Authority or Helplessness?

Creating a powerful image through clothing is a common practice. However, adopting the style of “powerful dressing” may lead to some challenges. *Powerful dressing*, roughly translated as “dressing for power,” signifies a fashion style that allows the wearer to exude confidence and pride. Choosing outfits that make you feel better about yourself, improve your mood,

What Unfolds in the Room of the Color of the Year?

Like clockwork, Pantone has just unveiled the color of the year for 2024 – Peach Fuzz. But what lies behind this annual event, and how does it influence your color choices? Since its inception in 1963, Pantone’s color matching system has become the standard in the global design and printing industry. However, color palettes with

From Ugly Shoes to the Era of Not Caring About Others’ Opinions

The existence and trend of “ugly shoes” have their reasons. The rise of “ugly-chic” footwear (a term that gained fame around 2020) has sparked debates and generated diverse opinions in the fashion world in recent years. Despite their label, these shoes have become a popular style, embraced by individuals seeking to assert their personal identity

The Most Powerful Wardrobes of First Ladies around the World

As the spouses of world leaders, the fashion choices of First Ladies often convey a myriad of messages about politics and culture. In late June 2023, when South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol and First Lady Kim Keon-hee officially visited Vietnam, the media was abuzz with admiration for Mrs. Kim’s refined, elegant wardrobe and youthful appearance.

Phoebe Philo – Fashion Embracing Thoughtfulness Today

After five years in seclusion, Phoebe Philo returns, carrying with her an unchanged essence: an unassuming love for women and a profound appreciation for creativity in silence. Born in Paris and raised in London, Phoebe Philo received a sewing machine on her 14th birthday. She studied at Central Saint Martins, where industry insiders described her

Sunglasses and How We Might Have Misunderstood the Allure

Why wearing glasses conceals beauty but makes us more charming and captivating? Those shades, seemingly mere eye protection accessories, hold greater significance in the realms of fashion and self-expression. Sunglasses ‘cover up’ our eyes, yet they manage to unveil a sense of allure and confidence in the wearer. In the year 2023, what kind of